26 February 2011

Match Review 27: United end the month of February in a thrashing fashion

Wigan Athletic 0-4 Manchester United 
Chicharito (17', 74') Rooney 84' Fabio 87' 

Manchester United eased past a weak Wigan Athletic side to end a rather important month in the calender of what seems to be a trophy-laden season which featured big games against Manchester City, Champions League draw against Marseille, FA Cup progression, a victory against Villa and a disappointing loss to Wolves. However March is the month to talk about for Manchester with some ultra-massive games against Chelsea and Liverpool (both away) and 2nd leg of Champions League against French team Marseille at home.

Moving focus back to this game, Chicharito was the star of the game in my opinion. The Pea faced assasin combined with Rooney and Nani on the flanks and demolish the Wigan side by 4 goals to nil with two goals coming from the Mexican, 1 easy tap in from Rooney and a happy ending goal by Fabio (Rafael's twin)

Chicharito has now scored a hat-trick of goals against Wigan this season, the last one coming at the home fixture at Old Trafford. This was one of his best full-game performances having said that he's a killer substitute. United's no. 14 today scored 2 more goals to take his goal tally to 13 for the season, only 7 behind Dimitar Berbatov, who could have easily made it 21 for the season but instead gave a sweet pass to team-mate Wayne Rooney who scored one of the easiest tap-ins of his career! The goal must have brought some pressure off Rooney, he's now scored regularly in his last two Premier League performances, the last one being a wonder-goal against Manchester City. How unselfish Dimi! How unselfish!

This reminds me of Luis Nani who had yet another impressive game. It seems like the lad only wants to improve at United. He recently said "This is my best season at Manchester United" and also didn't appreciate the fact that he was being constantly compared to Cristiano Ronaldo. The fact is, he just needs to pass the ball and not be a hungry goal poacher. Nani couldn't find any goals today but he did touch the inner edge of the goal post. How frustrating must that be? After that, he was constantly seen using bad words each time he took a bad shot.

Bebe and Obertan who didn't even make it to the substitute bench were observed entertaining through other means in the first half. Obertain was busy listening to his music through his Monster beats Dr. Dre headphones while Bebe was found playing a game on his smartphone. Perhaps the game was too boring in the first half.

To end the game in style, Fabio was brought on for Nani and guess what, Fabio scored. It looks like Fabio got the fruit of Nani's hard work through out the game.

Games against Wigan have always been a great opportunity for United to score as many goals as they can. They scored 10 goals in aggregate last season but only managed 6 this year (2-0 coming at Old Trafford, 4-0 at JJB)

Do enjoy the HD individual goal highlights with a line to or two ;)

1. A great Chicharito finish, his trademark really! Excellent pass by Nani!! 
Wigan 0- 1 Manchester United
Chicharito 17'

2. Another brilliant pass by none other than ROONEY! Clinical finish by Javier again 

Wigan 0- 1 Manchester United
Chicharito 17'

3. Finally Rooney gets an award for his decent performance, thanks to Dimitar Berbatov for his unselfishness!
Wigan Athletic 0-3 Manchester United
Rooney 84'

4. Finally, Fabio comes on at 86' for a frustrated Nani and scores a goal in the next minute!

Wigan 0-4 Manchester United
Fabio 87'

Just 10 more games left for the season! I can already smell the Premier League title coming to Old Trafford! COME ON UNITED!!!! 

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