08 February 2011

Manchester United to open new offices in Mayfair soon!

Good news for Manchester United fans living in London, your favourite club is soon going to move closer to you geographically as well. United have agreed a deal to occupy 11,500 sq ft of luxurious new office space in Mayfair, the heart of London's West End!
This deal only attracts more supporters from London than Manchester, and eases off the frustration from the club's fans who feel the Glazer family have lost touch with its roots.
However, the deal also highlights the commercial success the Glazer's, who bought United in 2005, have enjoyed since launching operations in London three years ago.
The club set up a team in a Pall Mall office building designed to secure new sponsorship deals from around the world. It said London was a more practical base for overseas companies travelling to the UK for sponsorship talks. However, the 45-man operation is understood to have grown too large for the St James's office, leading to the move to Mayfair.
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