27 February 2011

Chicharito to feature in a Coke advertisement; finished filming

Chicharito filming for the Coke advert at the Manchester Airport
You will soon see the little pea in a Coke advert. Javier Hernandez, the famous Mexican who landed up at Manchester United from Guadalajara (Mexico) this summer is ready to take his fame to the next level by appearing on TV during adverts as well! 

The advert which was supposed to be filmed outside took place inside the Manchester Airport as the  weather threatened the filming of a Coke commercial and the crew had to improvise to get the desired look.
Javier Hernandez was seen laughing and joking between takes with the crew and seemed to be comfortable in front of the cameras.
"There was a lot of activity and plenty of extras were involved in the filming but the main attraction was Chicharito. He spent most of the day here and there was a real buzz about the place.” Hernandez was rushed  to the airport (where the commercial was being filmed) after filming scenes earlier in the day at Broughton Park rugby ground."

Source: community.manutd.com
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