01 February 2011

Match 24: Confident United ease past Villa with a handy win!

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Manchester United confidence is back with Wayne Rooney scoring his first brace of the season!
Manchester United vs Aston Villa
20.00 K.O
Old Trafford
Attendance: 75,000

Match 24 against Aston Villa was eyed as a tricky fixture by people outside United. But it all looked too easy for the Red Devils as two goals from ever-confident Wayne Rooney and a lovely strike from Captain Serbia Nemenja Vidic were enough to seal a comprehensive victory at Old Trafford. Manchester United still sit 5 points atop at the Premier League after Arsenal and Chelsea won their close fixtures against Everton (2-1) and away to Sunderland (4-2) respectively.

Match Review:
Wayne Rooney's 1st goal against Aston Villa

Wayne Rooney looked determined from start as he struck a goal within 48 seconds of the first half thumping an enormous pressure on Villa right away. It was a lovely long ball by Van Der Sar finding Rooney up front who wasted no time in lofting the ball over Friedel for a lovely finish. It was all United for the next 20-25 minutes until Villa started their counter-attack.

Through out the game, Ryan Giggs played like a kid but with 20 years of experience. The way he tackled so aggressively was fun to watch. In my opinion, he was lucky not to get booked on or two occasions. His run along the wings was certainly a good sign and could argue, "Hang on! Isn't Giggs just getting better and better!"

It was a sad birthday for Darren Fletcher who got hit in the eye by an unintentional challenge by a Villa player. I'm sure that was a precautionary move as it was only a cut on his face. Let's wish him all the best in recovery! We need him for the upcoming clash against Man City in 2 weeks time.

Wayne Rooney's second goal against Villa just before Half time

Just before the half-time whistle, Rooney appeared to be as effective as he was in the opening seconds of the first half. This time it was Nani who provided a lovely assist (his 12th of the season)

Second half saw United in an even more aggressive mode. They just didn't want to sit there and enjoy the 2 goal lead, United were certainly aiming for as many goals as they can get.

Villa's fresh Winter Signing from Sunderland: Darren Bent was the only Villa player to score.

Vidic's awesome cracking finish against Aston Villa. His second goal against Aston Villa this season. (4th goal of the season!) PLZ ignore the Middle-east commentary, it's actually quite funny!

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In response to that, United did what they do best at home, SCORE GOALS! Captain Vidic came up with a cracking goal leading United by 2 goals. Now that was some excellent finish by a central defender and you wouldn't see if often, Although John terry scored one as well against Sunderland. You have to admit, that goal wouldn't have been occurred had Rooney not created a lovely setup-up for his captain, I bet he's gaiend a lot of respect from the fans as well as the captain! Poor Friedel, couldn't do enough (in fact nothing at all) to save that goal!

At 2-1, one would have thought, is it going a potential 2-2? United indeed pounced back as if they were just giving a chance to the poorly beaten Aston Villa to try and consolidate their travel from Birmingham.

Heskey came on for Albrighton at 70’ but that couldn't do much unfortunately.

Nani played selfishly in the 80th minute who could have passed to rooney to fulfil the English striker’s hat-trick desire. But there were no doughnuts for either of them!

So moving back to Wayne Rooney. Is he back into his form? I think there's no doubt about that now after we witnessed two cracking goals from him, a lovely brace! The last time he scored was at home to West Brom on 1st January. Rooney, on that day as well, scored an early goal. It seems like Wayne wants to boost United every month after scoring a brace today (1st February). Let's hope the next one doesn't come on 1st of March and Rooney keeps on scoring for Manchester United!

A happy Man United!

So what did you make out of the Players? Following is the Player ratings, Let us know if you agree with us:

Van Der Sar – 7.5 had nothing much to do. His perfect judgement was enough to save him so energy for the upcoming fixture against Wolves on Saturday
O’ Shea – 6 – Gave away silly possession game, couldn’t tee-up with Nani as efficiently as Evra-Giggs partnership, in a nutshell: a BIG flop.
Vidic – 8 – Scored a lovely cracking goal which was unstoppable by any goalkeeper in the world even our superman VDS!
Rio – 6.5 – standard game really.
Evra – 7.5- linked up nicely with giggs, didn’t feel scared to go up front supporting giggs.
Nani – 8.5 – he seemed to have a lot of faith in himself and never gave up in spite of getting a knock on his knee. Gave an inch perfect cross to provide Rooney’s 2nd goal. Could have scored. He seemed happy to provide his 12th assist to Rooney
Fletch/Ando – 6/6 – Both seemed determined, Fletch had to be substituted with 10 minutes to Half time as he caught an injury under his eye
Carrick – 6.5 – pretty inefficient, but a fairly decent effort.

*Giggs* – 9 – seemed at least 10 years younger, perhaps his best game of the season, made many hard challenges, perhaps should have been booked and scored a couple of goals too

Rooney – 9.5 – typical goal poaching performance. Should have scored a hat-trick.
Berba – 7.5 – Looked frustrated like we used to see him in the previous seasons, Is he not good enough for easy chances?!

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