22 October 2010

Wayne Rooney puts the contract saga to bed, but will he stay until 2015?

Wayne Rooney has finally made his mind to stay at Manchester United and signed a new contract expiring in 2015! He made this shocking U-Turn after having long talks with Sir Alex Ferguson, David Gill and his agent - Paul Stretford (or as some people call him "Ask Paul" Stretford because they believe Rooney runs on him)

Rooney also apologised to Sir Alex, colleagues of Manchester United and his team-mates about turning his back on United for a while. 

On Tuesday, Sir Alex announced to the press that Wayne Rooney wants to leave United. Apparently, Rooney informed his manager about this on 14th August.
Sir Alex Ferguson "Manchester United were prepared to offer Wayne Rooney a record deal. Talks were called off before a deal was tabled. The club is very disappointed, but the door is still open for Wayne to remain with the Reds."
The next day, Rooney said he wanted to quit because United didn't match his ambition. Well, surely this is not true, if it wasn't for United's ambiton, then they wouldn't have won so much silverware and medals. Rooney definitely angered United fans and players by attacking United in such a gruesome way.

In the meanwhile, Nicolas Anelka said he wouldn't mind playing with Rooney. Tevez apparently urged City bosses to sign him. Inter boss Jose was happy to re-unite him with Cristiano Ronaldo. Even Barca boss, Pepe was happy to sign him.

The following day, there was some hot discussion in the boardroom between the main men: Sir Alex, United chief David Gill, Paul Stretford and of course the Glazers. It was a matter of 24 hours after which it was announced that Rooney has signed a new 5 year contract which will end in 2015.

United boss said "I'm delighted Wayne's agreed to stay." This turns Jose Mourinho's prophecy true : "He probably wants to leave for some reasons, but I believe he belongs to Man Utd, he belongs to Man Utd fans, he belongs to Old Trafford. I believe he is going to stay". At the same time, it puts Eric Cantona's prophecy to hold who feared that Rooney may leave within 5 years in 2006 (When Wayne was 20 years old) 

After signing a contract, Rooney mentioned in his statement : "I said on Wednesday the manager's a genius and it's his belief and support that convinced me to stay." 
The England international, who will be out for three weeks after injuring his ankle during training on Tuesday, added: "I'm delighted to sign another deal at United. I've spoken to the manager and the owners and they've convinced me this is where I belong. I am signing a new deal in the absolute belief that the management, coaching staff, board and owners are totally committed to making sure United maintains its proud winning history - which is the reason I joined the club in the first place. I am sure the fans over the last week have felt let down by what they have read and seen. The fans have been brilliant with me since I arrived and it's up to me through my performances to win them over again."   
Sir Alex had something to say about the Pride of Man Utd: "Sometimes, when you're in a club, it can be hard to realise just how big it is and it takes something like the events of the last few days to make you understand." I think Wayne now understands what a great club Manchester United is." It's been a difficult week but the intensity of the coverage is what we expect at Manchester United".

Something that makes me wonder is, how could a decision be made so quickly. Rooney clearly said he wanted to leave on Wednesday. And on Friday, he signs a new 5 year contract. Clearly, something is fishy. 

Either Man United has plans to sell him next year and having a long contract will only help to increase the transfer money OR Wayne Rooney wanted to divert the media attention from his private life?

OR! Sir Alex Ferguson is a real genius and has compelled Wayne Rooney to stay at United, everyone is happy.

Not to forget Wayne Rooney is still injured and maybe out for weeks to come. In the next few weeks, we'll see Wayne trying to re-establish the same relation with his team mates and fans. Lets hope he's back to his goal spree soon. 

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