30 October 2010

Match 10: Vidic's header and Nani's bizarre goal earn United 3 points

Commentator: Nani's 84th minute goal has been the most bizarre goal I've ever seen in Premier League.
Manchester United 2-0 Tottenham Hotspurs
Vidic 31' | Nani 84'   

Spurs has recently grown up the ranks in Europe as well as in England. They were (before this game) amongst the top 4 teams in England and first 2 in their UEFA Champions League  Group which includes Inter Milan!

Halloween Special (Source)
So Tottenham Hotspurs came to Old Trafford looking forward to one would anticipate, a very exciting game. And so it was.

Captain Vidic netted his first goal of the season for Man United through Nani's beautiful text-book free kick after Chicharito was fouled by Kaboul.

Both teams struck the wood work (the goal posts) atleast once in the game with Jee Sung Park for United in the 2nd minute and the Dutch midfielder Van Der Vaart for Spurs 5 minutes on.

Gareth Bale, the Welshman, didn't look as charged up as he was against Inter Milan in a heart throbbing Champions League encounter last mid-week. Fabio Da Silva did a good job in trying to restrict him and cut his penetrating runs. Fabio was replaced by the experienced Wes Brown in the Second Half.

Scholes made his way for Berbatov and I personally found this to be a bizarre decision as this would mean that Chicharito "Javier Hernandez" is let by himself up front.

But it seemed that this wasn't the only bizarre moment of this highly dynamic and energetic game. Read On....

Nani's Goal Confusion Explained
1) Nani was fouled by Kaboul. Kaboul should have seen Red and Manchester United should have been awarded the penalty. I don't say this. The commentators and the crowd surely did.
2) Nani expected a penalty, he was so sure about it that he touched the ball in the meanwhile while he was down on the ground after Kaboul's challenge
3) Gomes had different opinions. He thought it is a free kick (because of the hand ball) and totally messed up the free-kick position.
4) While Gomes sorted out if it was a free kick or a goal kick, Nani stood up and shooted the ball into the empty goal.

As Simple as that.

Text not enough? Want video? You've knocked at the right doors!

What happened after the goal was netted in by Nani

1) Spurs players started crying towards the linesman. The Referee denied the goal to United.
2) Referee ran towards the linesman to have a word about the incident.
3) Rio Ferdinand threw a word or two at the referee(s)
4) Goal was awarded to Man United.

Conclusion: Tottenham Hotspurs should stop complaining n crying and start thinking of other ways to win at Old Trafford against the best team in England - Manchester United.

Team Ratings
Van Der Sar- Happy 40th Bday - Made two interesting and difficult saves - 9/10
40 and kicking!

Fabio Da Silva- Totally freaked out Bale. 7/10
Vidic - Scored the first goal. Deserved it Mr. Captain! 8/10
Rio Ferdinand - 7/10
Evra - Standard evening for him - 6/10
Park - Hard working, struck the post once in 1st half 7/10
Carrick - 6/10
Fletcher - Future Captain of Manchester United 7/10
Nani - One word, OUTSTANDING! 9/10

Berbatov - lazy as hell 6/10
Chicharito - Decent game. 7/10

Manchester United 2-0 Tottenham Hotspurs Nani goal, Vidic Goal 10/30/2010
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