02 October 2010

Berbatov Shares the Secret for his Success!

Berbatov all the way!!

Super-striker Berbatov has revealed the reason for his tremendous success right from the kick-off of this season. Dimitar Berbatov, who has been rather ineffecient in the past two years at Old Trafford. But this season, when Manchester United looked pale with Rooney's terrible form, he emerged as the saviour!

On being questioned for the reason of this form outburst Berbatov has admitted that the £30.75million fee United paid for his services put pressure on him and affected his performances. He said he spent countless hours thinking what needs to be done to live up to the faith Sir Alex has in him. It was then the spark got the fuel and finally this season Berba is at the top!

He said: “Every player has periods (of self doubt) in their careers and the main thing to learn is to stay strong, because you are going to have dark moments and you need to be strong to get through them.

“You try not to think about (how much a club paid for you). But sometimes you just can’t help it. You start thinking money and now what’s going to happen if you don’t prove good enough for that amount of money and you don’t score enough goals.”

With 6 goals in the Premier League so far, he is already at the top of the table sharing his position with the Chelsea star Malouda. Add to it he scored the goal against Chelsea in the Community Shield fixture!

TheReDevilSpot wishes Mitko(as he is known in his home-country), all the best!
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