02 November 2010

Mission Bursaspor: United midfield silence loud Bursaspor crowd (VIDEO)

Manchester United 3-0 Bursaspor
Fletcher 48' Obertan73'  Bebe 77'

Starting XI:
Evra, Vidic, Smalling!, Rafael, Obertan, Obertan, Carrick,  Fletcher (Bebe), Scholes, Nani (Park), Berbatov

Match Highlights in Low Definition

Bursaspor who only had 5 shots on target prior to this game at Champions League stage so far this season, failed to shine at their home against Manchester United. However they looked organised and had a good work rate but failed to find the back of the net. Therefore they are most likely to crash out of the Group Stage.

Bursaspor constantly embarrassed their energetic fans by silly passing at times, poor set piece attempts including goal kicks and free kicks. It was a dismal performance overall by the home team.

Obertan who played his first Champions League game in a winning game in Besiktas, Turkey returned in the rare starting XI display against Bursaspor - but he aint no Turkish God is he? He had a fantastic game and scored a "netbuster" goal - a goal that had the capacity to burst the net. It really was that awesome.

Berbatov who hadn't scored in  Europe for two years, smashed a nice 11' strike but only to find the Goalie's hands. The effort reminded me of his Celtic goal during the Pre-season Tour in the United States of America.


Amazing Turkish fans
Turkish games are always loud and with Manchester United involved - things only get louder. Loudness is like a trademark of Turkish football. Fans stay till the game finishes unless the English fans who like to leave 5-10 advance so that they may get out of the stadium as soon as possible. But Turkish fans are amazingly loud and coherently supportive. Be it in Bursaspor, Besiktas or Istanbul! One could hear constant whistling, shouting and other high pitch noise. It is as if you were in a rock concert. At times it was difficult to hear the commentators while I was watching the game. (Yes, I watched the game at home and didn't bother travelling to Turkey :D ) Bursaspor fans were loud till the 90th minute. One could say they were a bit too optimist there. That's another great quality of Turkish football supporters - Optimism. This is nothing but great sportsmanship.

In the first half, Nani met with an injury and him shaking his head meant it was something serious.

32nd minute saw a rare miss-kick by Paul Scholes a few yards away from the goal area. A minute later, Darren Fletcher missed the "chance of the game" by completely getting the volley wrong. He was perfectly set up by left back Evra but the fact that Fletcher has just scored once in his 50 Champions League outings for United.

38th minute saw a hand ball by (NOT NANI THIS TIME) Paul Scholes in the penalty box and the funny bit was he still carried on and on and scored a goal. The finishing was near perfect - finding the left bottom corner but sad to say - it was a clear hand ball. Good effort though Paul!

Chris Smalling , the ex-Fulham man enjoyed the game with crisp defending.

Berbatov who was thrice offside in the first half, twice in second half.

He was the only player to be offsided.  Without a doubt, the Bulgarian epically failed to perform as a lone striker up front.

Sometimes he made me wonder if he was an attacking player or a midfielder. He clearly needed support.

Bebe did his best to set up the Bulgarian, but Berba took too much time and wasted the chance.

Fletcher drew first blood through a lovely passing display from Michael Carrick.

United's midfield looked in great touch

Bebe came on for the injured goal scorer Fletcher and scored a goal himself in the 77th minute - thanks to some excellent vision by Paul Scholes - the Turkish specialist.

Who could have guessed Manchester United would score 40 odd goals this season without Rooney's contribution?

Man of the Match 
Captain Vidic/Darren Fletcher both deserved to be Men of the Match.

BAD NEWS: FLETCHER (ankle) and NANI (groin) are injured and may not be available for weekend's home fixture against Wolves. Hope they are fit before Derby game on 10/11/2010. Sir Alex has not commented on the extent of the injury but has only said that TIME WILL TELL.

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