03 November 2010

VIDEO: Bebe's goal finally considered against Bursaspor

Bebe delighted after scoring a goal against Bursaspor

Want to see the goal video? 

BeBe's GOAL VIDEO + his celebration towards Chicharito:

Bebe's first Champions League goal which was initially not considered by UEFA deciding it as an own goal has now been rightfully awarded to the Portugese.

It was a lovely reverse pass by Midfield Veteran Paul Scholes who happens to be the Turkish God having scored last year in Besiktas through a lovely header. A memorable piece of goal that was. Bebe didn't take a second to realise that he could use this pass to score his first Champions League goal.

TheReDevilSpot has learnt that UEFA was actually not that harsh and finally awarded the goal to Bebe. 

Well Done Bebe! Congratulations.

Feel free to cast your vote below:

Was it Bebe's goal or Ali's own goal?
Was it Bebe's goal or Ali's own goal?

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