24 November 2010

UCL Review: An unbeaten and yet to concede United proceed to next round

Glasgow Rangers 0-1 Manchester United
Wayne Rooney 87 ' (pen)
Booked: Whittaker, Naismith (RAN)
7.45 PM GMT KO

The much anticipated "Battle of Britain" began with Berbatov being challenged by S. Davis inside the penalty box which was indeed a clear cut penalty. The 31 year-old controversial Swiss Referee got it completely wrong yet again.

Fabio set up Berbatov perfectly who couldn't find the back of the net through his head.

40th minute saw another inch perfect cross by Fabio which was finely dispatched by Rooney's head only to hit the cross-bar. The first half saw Dimitar Berbatov getting frustrated everytime United attacked. Perhaps the best chance for United was missed by Michael Carrick who was one on one with the goalie but couldn't find the goal.

Kevin Miller produced the best bit of football for Rangers (and United to some extent) in the 42nd minute when Miller's shot was easily saved by Van Der Sar.

Van Der Sar made a critical save after Johnny Evans let Foster have a shot in the second half

Dimitar Berbatov really looked disappointed at himself and rightly so, he hadn't scored for 9 freaking games! That's after his first hat-trick with United against Liverpool. Overall, Berbatov looked impressive with his quick pace and communication with other players - both of which qualities are rarely found in everyday Premier League games.

The tempo of the game picked up in the final half an hour of the game as Rangers actually started to attack rather than depending on Kevin Miller up front all the time.

Scholes was replaced by Anderson in the 65th minute. With 15 minutes left in the game, Nani was substituted by the 21 year old Parisian Gabriel Obertan and Berbatov was switched by Chicharito.

Naismith smashed his boot in Fabio's chest and that conceded Rangers a penalty FINALLY! No other but Wayne Rooney took it in a similar fashion he scored one against West Ham two months ago. It was a perfect penalty in the left bottom corner and oh my, what a celebration it was after the goal. It was as if Wayne hadn't scored for decades.

Two minutes later, Chicharito missed a clear cut chance to score as his shot only found the goalkeeper's gloves.

Wayne Rooney Penalty kick and Celebration Video (HD) against Glasgow Rangers

Wayne Rooney Penalty kick and Celebration Video (HD) against Glasgow Rangers

A couple of bad decisions made by the controversial Swiss Ref

Berbatov challenged by Davis in the 2nd minute
Verdict: No Penalty
Bad decision? YES

Corner to United in the 69th minute
Verdict: Goal kick
Bad decision? YES

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