15 September 2009

Fergie craves another shot at Barca!

SAF has admitted he would relish another chance to face Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League final this season.

The Manchester United boss witnessed his side succumb 2-0 to the Catalans in last season's showpiece in Rome and Fergie revealed that some harsh lessons were learnt that night.

The Scot also confirmed that the manner of the defeat affected him so much he took DVDs of the game with him on holiday to analyse.

However Ferguson insists his squad is now better for the experience and conceded that he would love the chance to gain some revenge over Pep Guardiola's men.

"I would love the chance to redress the situation with Barcelona. Absolutely. I would love another final with them," he told the Daily Star.

"You look at that defeat and you can look at reasons and excuses. But it's always better to look at the reasons.

"We're now quite clear about where it went wrong and that's always helpful.

"There were valid reasons and so we were able to move on. I wouldn't go into the reasons for the defeat but I did take the DVDs with me on holiday and watched the game again.

"We went through everything too, with my backroom staff. The whole build-up. Everything. Was it the right hotel, was the training right? So we are quite clear about where we are now with that defeat.

Courtesy to Sky Sports for the quotes

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