26 March 2011

Owen Hargreaves suffers another injury blow (shoulder)

Hargo is injured again, this time it's his shoulder
TheReDevilSpot learns that Owen Hargreaves injured his shoulder while training yesterday (25/03/2011).

Owen, who had been training continuously for 2 weeks, certainly looked in contention to help United win the treble by playing the last remaining games. But now it's highly unlikely for the 30 year old to play another game for Manchester United as his contract expires this June. United would be keen to allow him to be out as a free-transfer which allows the devils to reduce their weekly salary bill too.

The latest shoulder injury would keep Owen out for at least 4 weeks on the fringes and after that, it's all about how he recovers. Owen is no doubt a soldier when it comes to fighting against injuries. We've seen that for the last two and a half years (the time since he last played a full game). The Canadian born just wouldn't give up which is great for him and the ethos of the team. Owen Hargreaves is indeed a role model.

We have been constantly tracking Owen's recovery, but this is a major setback for one of the world's finest defending midfielder. It was rumoured that Hargreaves might make a come-back against Bolton to try and rescue their defensive problems due to so many injuries lately. But indeed, it was a plain rumour.

It seems like oWen is a bad oMen for England as well as Manchester United as both our Owens (Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves) are too easily injured. They are the fragile elegance of our team.

Owen Hargreaves is soon going to be a forgotten man but surely he isn't amongst the hard-core United fans like yourself! So let's all pray for the lad and hope he makes a miraculous come-back in a month or so!

Glory Glory Man United!!
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