16 March 2011

Chicharito's 16th goal of the season ensures United's European progression.. HD Highlights


Hernandez 5' 75'  Brown (O.G.) 82'

Watch both of Chicharito (Javier Hernandez's) goals against Marseille in this blog post.
Amamos Chicharito

Manchester United 1-0 Marseille
Hernandez's first goal against Marseille in HD. An easy tap in, Rooney's wonderful assist

Manchester United 2-0 Marseille
Chicharito's second goal against French Marseille, this time it's Giggs' who assists Javier Hernandez to achieve his 15th goal of the season.. a master goal from the little pea

16 goals for the no. 14
Manchester United are through to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League and a big thank you to the little pea who contributed both goals of the game which came through some brilliant team play. Full credit goes to a rejuvenated midfield after enough criticism and a sharp attack lead by Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Valencia after the 60 th minute mark.

Overall, there were bad news on the defensive front as both O'Shea and Rafael caught hamstring injuries. Wes Brown FAILED... he actually played so under-par that he scored.... AN OWN GOAL. Brown will surely be under severe scrutiny from the boss and let's see if he gets another chance in the future. I won't be surprised if Fergie some one from the reserves the next time he plays a lower rated team. Vidic and Ferdinand are still injured and not ready until the international break. United has ony Bolton to face until then. So hopefully things should be on track from the month of April. But defensively, the game was a major concern.

A quick player rating section below:
VDS - 8- decent
Fabio/Rafael/O'Shea - 7
*Smalling*- 9 - loving him day by day
Evra- 7- ran a lot and led counter-attacks
Brown - 5 - a game to remember for Wes
*Carrick* - 8.5 - star man of the game - wonderful passing rate surprisingly, hope he maintains this
Scholes-8- a usual Champions league performance
Nani - 6.5 - came out of injury and proved his worth selfishly
Valencia - 8- really affective winger
Giggs - 7 - a bit shaky in the beginning, but then he showed his silver hairs
**Rooney** - 9.5 - Brilliant performance, though couldn't score, but just look at his tackele on the right!
**Hernandez** - 9 - Made brilliant runs. Formed great partnership with Rooney and proved destructive!

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