18 March 2011

Watch Chicharito's Coke advert (video)

At one point, Coke Zero must have feared about their popularity in the wake of Rooney's private life exposure which I WON'T talk about (consider it to be equivalent to Sir Alex's media blackout!). As a result of this fear, the American owners of Coke decided to take the ambassadorship away from Wayne Rooney early October and remove his image from any Coke Zero cans left in the stock. Arguably, it was a bold step.

Now Javier Hernandez has effectively replaced Wayne Rooney in the Coke advert and done his Mexican fans proud by featuring in a Manchester-based filmed, Spanish spoken advert which is now ON AIR in Mexico (Do enlighten me if it's elsewhere too - leave a comment or two!)

(The following video is taken from Manchester Express).
On 27 February, I announced that Chicharito will be featuring in a Mexican Coke advert. Now here you go, WATCH IT for yourself!

In case you're wondering what Chicharito is talking about, then here are the translations: (courtesy: TheRepublickOfMancunia.com)
Translation: I arrive at Manchester, and I knew I had to start at the bottom… soon everything began to change, why not try new things, why not make my parents proud, like I’m proud of them, why not lose that fear to lose, well why not.

Please recommend this article to any Red Devil you know and especially any Chicharito fans in Mexico, I'll take care of England!

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