12 March 2011

FA Cup 6th round: Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal (Player Ratings)

United destroyed Arsenal at Old Trafford!
United started off with a rather weird formation as that Fergie placed SEVEN defenders in the starting XI.

So here goes the Player ratings of the FA Cup tie..

Van Der Sar 10/10 : A Remarkable player, denied about 4-6 excellent goal scoring opportunities from the Gunners. Had Van Der Sar not been picked, United could have been easily a couple of goals down. Van Der Sar was also the E ON man of the match..

Fabio- 9/10 - Opened the scoring by scoring his 2nd goal of the season, a brilliant hit into the goal.

Wes Brown - 7/10 Solid defending!

Vidic - 8/10 Heroic performance today

Evra - 7/10 did his job fairly well

Paul Scholes - 9/10 Came on for last 15 minutes, got a yellow card, had argued with the referee.. Made 3 awesome long ball passes to Rooney which should have really resulted in at least 5-0 to United.

Smalling 9/10 - Lead by example, the 21 year old did a brilliant job. Showed confidence, has fit into Rio's shoes very well

Rafael - 7/10 - Had a decent game, did nothing wrong in particular. Showed a lot of motive and zest

Gibson - 6/10 Semi-decent display from the Irish man. Was only good at short-passing, something that is expected from defenders.But he's clearly showing signs of improvement!

O'Shea - 6/10 Contributed to the sluggish United midfield.

Hernandez - 6/10 - Decent show tonight, made some poor crosses which were all over the place

Rooney 9/10 - Brilliant passer of the ball, showed excellent vision, scored a lovely headed goal - something seen regularly till last season.. Scored his 6th goal in 8 games.. Rooney is definitely hitting on an interesting run of goals in a crucial time of the season.. Made a poor finish in extra time which should have been an easy goal.

Antonio Valencia 9/10  - Barely looked like an injured player. Came on at half time for Fabio. Valencia's runs were great to watch.. His crosses were nearly perfect but I'm sure we'll see him getting better and better in the future.
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