03 April 2011

Match 31 Highlights: Wayne Rooney hammers West Ham (and the camera too!)

Wayne Rooney who scored his 100th goal with Man United against West Ham, scored 3 crucial goals within 14 minutes to make sure United are still leading the title race

West Ham 2-1 Manchester United
Rooney's free kick goal.

West Ham United 2-2 Manchester United
Lovely assist from Valencia, excellent first touch from Wazza.

West Ham United 2-3 Manchester United
Rooney finishes his hat-trick and abuses in the sky sports camera. He says "What? F*cking what?" That's a slap in the face of people who stopped trusting Wayne. Well done Rooney!

West Ham United 2-4 Manchester United
And finally, Hernandez took his goal tally to 17 for the season - 4 away from Dimitar Berbatov.


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Maheep Singh said...

Thanks for your kind words. Will love to have you on board again. (as in on blog :D )

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