05 April 2011

Grow up Mr. Wayne Rooney!

Wayne Rooney swore into the camera after his hat-trick against West Ham
Wayne Rooney's terrible year continues as he faces a two match ban due to his controversial swearing into one of the Sky Sports cameras after completing his hat-trick goal at Upton Park (West Ham)

Rooney publicly issued an apology saying that it was just a "heat of the moment" matter and he didn't intend to drop the F-bomb on anyone in particular. The fact is that Wayne Rooney is still a kid from within and he needs to grow up. The Liverpool lad scored his 100th league goal with Manchester United and that was DEFINITELY not the way to celebrate it.

The English Striker has until 6pm BST on Tuesday to decide on what to do with this punishment. He can accept the charge which will force him to miss Saturday's premier league action against Fulham at home and the FA cup clash with Manchester City at the new Wembley Stadium on 16th April. Alternatively, Wayne Rooney could appeal and risk being banned for even more games.

Wayne Rooney's loss can create a huge impact on United's attack. The 11 goals he has scored for United are all very important ones. However, the good thing is that this season United has been more reliant on other strikers rather than just the no. 10. The Previous season, Wayne was responsible for about 1/3rd of all the league goals. This season, the story has been very different. United has scored 68 goals (dated 02/04/2011) and Rooney has contributed only 16%. We've had 16 goals from Chicharito and 20 from Dimi Berbatov. Michael Owen has had a bad spell of injuries lately - however, the good thing is that he's available to play.

Rooney's loss is Michael Owen's gain. Finally, we can hope to see Michael back in action soon. Owen brings a lot of uniqueness in the game. His touches are superb and he's definitely one of the most killer strikers in the world ONLY if he spent lesser time recovering from injuries. Owen's contract with United expires at the end of the season and there have been rumours that the Englishman may be offloaded as a free-transfer. But if Owen impresses Fergie, then he may as well be offered a new contract. Owen, is keen to defeat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday and also wants to be a part of United team next season. This is what Michael Owen had to say

"I've made no secret that, in an ideal world, I would extend my stay. I would love to play here for longer but I will just wait and see what the club say. We've not held any talks yet"
Rooney however will play against Chelsea tomorrow, let's hope he can keep his mouth shut and answer all his haters with a superb display on the field.

Glory Glory Man United.  


manjot said...

yes he shud be offered a new deal with ,maybe reduced salary, and a few games too , he has won us points inspite his injuries

Maheep Singh said...

Let's hope.... He scored the last time he played.. I think it was Southampton... FA cup 4th round...

Your views on Rooney's omission from the FA cup clash with City? too harsh?

manjot said...

He has been punished because he is Wayne Rooney and he plays for Manchester United, there are so many who do it, will do it FA shud punish everyone in that case

Maheep Singh said...

And so Rooney showed his class tomorrow and Chicha showed why he deserves to win the best newcomer award. Nani too was fast and furious and clearly that's why he was targetted by chelsea

glory glory man united

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