08 April 2011

NEWSPAPERS: New Hargreaves contract possible!

Owen's future is extremely unpredictable at the moment.. 
The Telegraph today has indicated that there is still an outside chance of Manchester United signing a new contract with the injury ravaged defensive midfielder Owen Hargreaves. Hargo's contract expires on 30 June, 2011 and it will definitely pinch United to lose a player of his caliber and especially at 30, when one sees a few more seasons in him. 

It is sad to admit that Hargo has only played about 6 minutes of Premier League football in the last 2 and a half years which has only led to further injuries.. The Canadian born was first injured due to a knee problem which he got treated in the US from the famous knee surgeon Dr Richard Steadman. But that didn't provide with an immediate solution, Owen had to wait for two years until the end of last season, where he got to play for 30 seconds in the last premier league game against Stoke City. Hargreaves could only manage a header. It wasn't a smooth road for the England player as he only lasted for 5 minutes against Wolves this season since he tore his hamstrings. As a result of which, he had to be replaced by Anderson who has recently recovered from a knee problem himself.

Just before the Bolton game, The Telegraph rumoured that Owen Hargreaves might contribute to rescue Sir Alex's defensive woes after so many injuries in our defense lately. However, that seemed to be a rumour or should be say a bad omen for Owen as he injured his shoulder a week after and is out for 2 more weeks.

Surely, Hargreaves will be in contention in the next two weeks and there would be loads of articles about him.
The Telegraph.co.uk has written about Owen again and it's again a positive news! But will this be another rumour or will Manchester United continue to put faith in their Calgary (Canada) born hard-fighting defensive midfielder?

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manjot said...

Haro does deserve at the end United will not have to spend as he will be a free agent , he shud ,like Michael Owen be offered a contract with reduced wages that will be like getting 2 wonderful( but sadly Injury prone)Players

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