12 November 2009

United cant afford to lose another game this season, especially the one against Chelsea at OT!

United cannot afford any more defeats in the Premier League this season, following their 1-0 loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

John Terry was marked down as the scorer of the only goal of the game, when he nodded home from a set-piece. The results sees the west London club five points clear at the top of the table.

"After getting beat at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, Manchester United cannot afford to lose another game this season.

"But Chelsea can even afford to lose when they go to Old Trafford as long as they match United for the rest of the campaign.

"A five-point lead is massive for a club with Chelsea's quality, because you can't see them slipping up against the Blackburns, the Hulls, and the rest.

"Yeah, they had their blip, losing at [Aston] Villa and Wigan [Athletic].

"But that showed what they needed to tighten up on, and don't expect to see them losing at places like that again this season."
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