25 November 2009

Besiktas win at Old Trafford, ending United's 23 match winning (or drawing) streak in UCL at home.

That's the summary of the game. Besiktas kept on holding United for the whole of 90 minutes. United dominated but couldn't convert into goals.
Micahel Owen reacting after missing a strike on goal
Vidic reacting after losing shockingly to Besiktas!

Besiktas have done it! The loudest fans in the world must be roaring and raving.

It was a bad night for United. Bad decisions, bad times, goal-keeper wasting time, bad that Besiktas got it all right! I must credit their goalie for 1) being intelligent and wasting time... He got a yellow card for it but I think he would rather prefer getting yellow than not playing in the knockout stages at all! 2) because he made 2 excellent saves (first one from Macheda - a header and a second one came from Wes Brown). Both were brilliant and on-target headers and Goalie did no mistakes there!

Besiktas ended United's 23 match streak at Old Trafford by denying them two wonderful headers (and wasting some time in the extra minutes of the game). United have lost a game after EIGHT LONG years since their last defeat in 2001 in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

The Final Score was United 0-1 Besiktas which could have easily been 2-1 or 3-1 as we had predicted earlier. Besiktas have come back with a strong reply having the same final score as United had in Turkey. Paul Scholes was the one to score at that time.

Can You believe it? United had the possesion for the 66% of the game and yet they were unable to score...

Match Review (followed by Player Review)

United started off brilliantly. They were passing the ball around rather magnificently and in full-force attack mode. Thanks to some lovely display from Park Ji Sung who moved the ball efficiently in the midfield. United fully dominated the game until Tello scored a lovely 30 meter goal which was deflected off Rafael. It fell to the right of Foster who was rather unlucky to concede such an avoidable goal. United carried on their vigorous attack on Besiktas and had some solid plans to demolish the side. Park did a good job by shooting the ball on target many times but it was frustrating to see him and Obertan not finding the net. Obertan was very sharp and athletic in the field tonight. His dribbling skills were remarkable and commendable.

All United lacked in the first half was accuracy. They were fully trampling the Besiktas defence but unable to convert the amazing runs and tackles into a goal. This is something the youngsters must be living up too. There was a great display from Darren Gibson, who took the midfield very responsibly.

United half repeated the same old story for United. They had some good chances but failed to convert into a goal unfortunately. Park, who ran like a bullet and passed like a charm today, was replaced by Michael Owen. No. 7 replaced No. 13, so everyone thought Owen must have brought some luck in his 4th UCL appearance but sadly, he hardly got the ball.. Hold on a minute, I can remember once he passed to Neville and Obertan and that is really about it!

Neville gave some amazing passes today. Amongst the list included the one to Gabriel Obertan which was perfect in pace and location but unfortunately the Frenchman failed to convert it.

Blunt Gibson was replaced my Carrick who tried his luck with a few long range shots as well as medium-ish shots but they were right in the gloves of the excellent goalie.

There was an injury in the 65th minute when Obertan unpurposefully hit his elbow on Toraman's eye region. He was bleeding badly and had to be substituted.

There were two more substitutions from Evra replaced Rafael.

In the dying minutes of the game, Bobo was replaced by Batahum who (according to me) created a new world record by getting booked within 14 SECONDS of his arrival at the pitch by purposefully shooting the ball at Foster after he was judged off-side by the linesman.

The real talking point of the match would be Evra being denied the penalty. It was a clear-cut penalty! The defender was no where around the ball and clearly had his arm in front of Evra to stop him in his tracks. The referee couldn't have been more annoying that that.

It was a good game though. United should have got 2 if not 3 goals and proved us right here at theredevilspot.blogspot.com

However, the kids certainly rocked... GLORY GLORY till the Pompey's game.

Keep rocking!

Player reviews

1) Foster- 5.5

2) Rafael/ Evra - 5/6

3) Brown- 7

4) Vidic - 7

5) Neville - 6.5

6) Park/ Owen- 7/5.5

7) Anderson - 7

8) Gibson/ Carrick- 6/6

9) Obertan - 7

10) Welbeck- 7

11) Macheda- 7
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