19 June 2011

Chicharito sends Mexico into Gold Cup semi-final by scoring a cheeky back-heel winner (VIDEOS)

Chicharito scored the cheeky winning goal against  Guatemala putting Mexico in the Gold Cup Semi-final
Chicharito continues to shine for Mexico in the Gold Cup tournament. Javier Hernandez is so far the leading scorer in the tournament with 6 goals having already scored a brilliant hat-trick. 
After conceding an early goal, Mexico bounced back from 1-0 at HT to 2-1 victory at full time. 
Interestingly,  Mexico was behind for the first time since the start of the tournament after that early goal by Guatemala striker Carlos Ruiz. Their lead held until Mexico's halftime sub Aldo De Negris equalized in the 48th minute. 

In the 65th minute, our Little pea "Chicharito" scored the winner with an elegant yet cheeky backheel goal. It seemed like he's born for producing magical goals like these and made it look like a child's play. Check out the video above in HD!

That put Mexico in the semifinals and marked just another day in the increasingly successful life of Javier Hernandez. 

However, for Manchester United fans, this goal won't be a big excitement as the Mexican has already scored a similar backheel set up by Nani against Stoke City in the Premier League. The game was against Stoke City at Old Trafford earlier this year (4 Jan, 2011) after scoring which, Hernandez became the leading Mexican goal scorer in the English Premier League; an amazing achievement unlocked in his FIRST premier league season at Manchester United!
Let's wish Mexico and our Little Pea "Javier Hernandez" aka Chicharito all the best for the remaining 2 games of the Gold Cup and hope Chicharito wins the cup for Mexico!

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el batallon de jehova said...

I just think Hernandez is an excellent player and he is in the best team of the world, honestly I think he is better than Ronaldo and messi ,chicharito is the best!!!!!!

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