26 June 2011

All 7 Chicharito Goals in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup

So how did Javier Hernandez do in the Gold Cup? I think 7 goals to his name (including the only hat-trick of his career so far) and 2 awards, one of them the prestigious Golden Boot and the other MVP - Most Valuable Player of the year award, sums it all up!

Below is a video in which I have composed a video featuring all of Chicharito's 7 goals that he scored in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup. So do view it in HD and share with your friends/relatives.

The best goal of the lot has to be the one against Guatemala where Chicharito scores a marvellous backheel goal; totally disgusting the goalkeeper. In the tournament, Chicharito produced about 30% of the goals for Mexico and a couple of assists. There is no reason why he didn't deserve the Most Valuable Player of the Year award.

Hernandez lifted his nation on his shoulders and soldiered through till the final and made sure Mexico won their 6th Gold Cup in the 11 tournaments held so far. From the goals we see above, some people dub him as the next Messi. For me, he's just been a better Chicharito we saw in the 2010-11 campaign and if given another season, the Mexican will prove to be better than Messi. It's funny how many goals the ex Guadalajara man scored from close range at his first season at United. It was a similar story in the Gold Cup in which 5 or 6 goals were scored from very close to the goalkeeper.

Hernandez also scored the first hat-trick of his career against El Salvador in a 5-0 win. There couldn't have been a better way to start the tournament for the Mexican, than with a hat-trick. His hat-trick goal was phenomenal. It was from a penalty spot and Chicharito very masterfully handled the goalkeeper's efforts to distract him by moving along the goal line. In response, Chicharito took the penalty kick very cool-ly and chipped it into the net.

The goal against Honduras in the extra time is the biggest reason to believe how deadly a striker is Javier Hernandez. He sees the ball so well, that how he makes a contact with the ball is only a matter of choice. Some people call that goal a controversial one, and its still not very clear if the ball came of Chicharito's arm/hand or his hip. But I can conclude without a doubt, that it was definitely not a fluke, but a natural instinct to score a goal. Just goes to show that Javier Hernandez is one of the best clinical finishers around.

Hope Hernandez brings more goals for Manchester United in the coming 2011-12 season, but as it stands, Chicharito is exempted to take part in the Pre-season tour. So apparently, he will not be playing in the 5 games in the USA. However, I feel Fergie may play him in the last game against Barcelona which is on 30th July.

GGMU and Congratulations to Chicharito, our Little Pea and the Mexican football team!

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