22 July 2010

(Pre-Season Game 2) Manchester United vs Philadelphia Union 1-0, 75th minute Gabriel Obertan's goal + HD MATCH HIGHLIGHTS

Highlight of the game! Obertan-Welbeck partnership really did wonders for the team against Philly
Lincoln Financial field, Philadelphia. Equivalent to the Old Trafford in England

Red Devils gather before the game

Overwhelming Red Devil support outside Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia

Thomas feeling bored standing close to the goalline

Paul Scholes holding the midfield in a fine manner

Thomos Kuszchak in action, he was rock solid with some fine goalkeaping

Glory Glory Ryan Giggsy, the classy Manchester United veteran

A tired Man Utd team goes back to the dressing room, they really deserved to be in front with atleast 2 goals

Some exciting stuff for the juniors going on...

The game was pretty uneventful until Obertan's goal

Gabriel Obertan, fine winger with great energy and dribbling ability

Massive Manchester United's USA support was overwhelming!

Game in Action

Dimi Barbie brought great support at the end with a fabulous chance to score his 2nd pre-season goal.

Star of the game! The name is Gabriel Obertan.Remember his name!

Match Reviews
They said in the papers that the mighty Manchester United would easily demolish the local MLS 7th seeded team - Philadelphia Union. But in grass, it all turned out to be a rather hard fought and deserving win.

Mwanga in action!

It was not all about Manchester United's decent attack and great counter-attack but also some exemplary stuff from the Congolese striker - Danny Mwanga. That guy did create some panic alarms in United's back 4 especially the goalie himself.

Let's start off with the playing XI for United
In attack we had, Danny Welbeck, Kiko Macheda and Gabriel Obertan. In the midfield there was Paul Scholes, Giggs and Cleverly. The starting defenders were Wes Brown, Johny Evans, John O' Shea.

Sir Alex made 5 team changes from what we saw against the Scottish team - Celtics in Toronto. He put Dimitar Berbatov and Fletcher on the bench who were brought on for Federico Macheda and Paul Scholes respectively. Also some new faces to feature were the Belgian defending winger Richie Da Laet, Chris Smalling and the debutant Corry Evans who all featured as subs.

At the gate entrances, 70% of the jersies spotted were RED and worn by supporters of Manchester United. It was amazing to watch so many Red Devil fans across the Atlantic. There was a fairly elderly drummer at the entrance of the Camcast gates...

MAN OF THE MATCH was Gabriel Obertan who put up a fine show and last the whole game which is something rare to watch.

The game started with full vigour as Manchester United rarely gave any time to the opponent to relax. The 3rd minute saw Gabriel Obertan missing a dream opening by missing a touch chance. Then came another chance from Danny Welbeck which was well saved by the Philly goalie. As the game progressed, Philly got handful of chances which were well saved by Thomas Kuszchak - a very talented Polish goalie who is barely given any chances in the presence of Dutch veteran Van Der Sar.

Paul Scholes received a yellow card for a wild 2 feet challenge. The whole crowd was rather observed to be enjoying the booking as though it's a typical thing! Way to go Paul Scholes! You're NEVER gonna improve... The whole of the crowd was hooting and supporting the old guard - Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs - who really played with immense partnership. Ryan Giggs's appeal for a penalty was put down and all you could hear in the stadium was "F*ck you Ref* It was great to have United States fans booing their own country and supporting the English club. In fact, the stadium played the English national anthem at the beginning.

The Second half saw some more attacking display from United, Dimitar Berbatov was warmly welcomed by the crowd. There were a group of people wearing B E R B A T O V shirts with everyone of them wearing each of the letter. It's astonishing but not surprising how much support Berba has and yet he fails in many games, no doubt he's a great and an elegant player but you really gotta live up to your fans and win a place in the starting XI. I reckon if Dimitar Berbatov continues to carry this form, he'll atleast find the goal 20 -25 times, somethign that is expected from a 30 million GBP transfer from Spurs.

Fletcher came on for Scholesy and was a great player to watch. His leadership skills are commendable.
We also saw some great dribbling abilities from Gabriel Obertan all through the game and Danny Welbeck's amazing partnership. Berba's elegance proved worth when he gave a back heal pass and created a scoring chance out of nothing! He was ruled outside once when he was clearly on-side, I gotta admit the refereeing was BAD!

Cleverly and Richie Da Laet were in action too. Welbeck gave a lovely pass through the defenders which was wisely picked up by the Frenchman who scored a magnificent goal through the goalie's legs. It was a suicide from Philly's point of view but a goal well earned. The way Gabriel celebrated reminded me of Thierry Henry and so did the goal. Berbatov missed a great opportunity when his hit rebounded from the inside of the cross-bar! How unlucky.. but it was a great game for all the players - especially Danny Welbeck, Gabriel, Giggs and not to forget - Dimitar Berbatov - the "getting there but not quite there yet legend"

Manchester United team on the famous Rocky steps. Why the hell does Dimitar Berbatov have to dress differently?

Player Ratings

Kuszchak - 9 - did a great job!
O'Shea' - 7
Richi da Laet - 7 - should have scored!!!
J Evans - 7
Fabio - 7
Rafael - 8
C Evans - 6 - nice opener
Wes Brown - 7
Giggs - 7
Scholes - 7 - Good overall, -1 because of Yellow!
Cleverly - 7 - clever runner
OBERTAN - 9 - awesome!
Berba - 8 - elegant play
Welbeck - 8 - good play maker
Macheda - 5 - arrogant display, get him off
Fletcher - 8

Match Videos and more

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Gabriel Obertan's Goal LIVE from the stadium

That's it for today. Join us back for the Sunday's game against Kansas City!
Take care!
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