29 July 2010

A lot expected from Javier Hernandez - the latest MU addition

Javier Hernandez - rather more famous by the name "Chicharito" scored 2 great goals in the FIFA 2010 WC
A lot has been said about this 22 year old bright Mexican forward called Javier Hernandez, more famously known as Chicharito in his home country. He is the first Mexican Manchester United signing and a very proud one indeed. He was aquired by United in April but got his work permit through later in May - which sooner or later had to happen!

He is certainly one of the most quickest, finest and agile finishers of the football. His heading ability is rock solid too! He has impressed the whole world with his two fantastic goals in the recent world cup against two very good defensive teams - France and Argentina. Javier is gonna get "Chicarito" written behind his United shirt. Chicharito was named to be the fastest player in this year's World Cup at a whooping average running speed of 32.15 Km/hr. Now that's a hard average to maintain, hope it only goes higher while he is at Old Trafford.

And No wonder he scored two magnificent goals in the World Cup, you can have a look here:

Mexico 2-0 France
Chicarito scores a nice 2nd goal

Mexico 1-3 Argentina
That one went like a rocket and had everyone talking after the game

Here are what other players had to say about him

Sir Bobby Charlton says he is "extremely excited" to see him play with the Reds

Sir Alex Ferguson - "The kid will be lasting my legacy".. Now such words don't come so often do they!

John O'Shea - Chicharito would be Manchester Unied's Wild Card!

Assistant Coach Mike Phelan - "He'll be a valuable addition"

All I have to say is, Berbatov! you better watch out and pull your socks because this kid will make your life tougher at Old Trafford, no wonder you got your own class!

Anyway, Glory Glory

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