17 July 2010

Hello Footy Fans

Greetings football fans all over the world, please give me an opportunity for not being your first choice football (Man Utd) blog for the last 6 months.

This blog started off last year because there wasn't a single blog out there dedicated at pure Manchester United news views and plenty more.

At theredevilspot, TRDS, as we call it for a short form, we tried our best to fully entertain you guys with the latest news, transfer rumours?, injuries, pictures, videos, player ratings and what not!

I'd like to apologise for not being consistent as I had many other commitments.. I'm sorry for not publishing anything since last February.. I wish that had been done.

But anyhow, this year we have massive plans for TRDS. We plan to get bigger. I promise you will have fun browsing through the blog which will grow in the coming few months.

What I ask for is: Some really super Manchester United freaks!

I want it!!

Of course, here at TRDS we're not looking for toddler fans! We're looking for some young adult fans who are ready to publish articles, post and pre game news and reviews...

Yes, I'm looking for partners.

Let me know if you are interested. We can have a short phone interview and will get you started here at TRDS as soon as possible!

So what you waiting for?


Great question!

1) E-mail us at theredevilspot@live.com with your name and stuff
2) You gotta browse the blog...
3) You gotta lemme know the drawbacks of this blog
4) Then you must tell me what services you can offer
5) Finally, dont forget to share the way we can contact you other than your email of course!

Of course, another important news!! We got new sponsors... AON which replaces the good old AIG.. Both are similar US based insurance firms..

Alright then, I bid you good bye and looking forward to a bigger and a happier Manchester United footballing season.

Glory Glory
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