02 October 2014

Faith in Loyalty Parked - Implications

So Ji-Sung Park is all set to become the 6th current serving Manchester United ambassador, joining the likes of Gary Neville, Bryan Robson, Andrew Cole, Peter Schmeichel and Bobby Charlton. Achieving such a momentous feat is surely a proud moment and surely Ji didn't have it too easy on his plate. It was his sheer determination to do well in football at Manchester Utd as a result of which he delivered his killer skills matrix for his favourite club.

So what could be the impact of History's first Asian Manchester United player to go on and become THE first Asian club ambassador for the same? The answer is simple and can be described in one word - it's Limitless. After losing Shinji Kagawa (Asian player bought after Park left in 2012) to parent German club Borussia Dortmund for yet another cheap ~£6m deal, Man United obviously was looking for ways to re-establish itself in Asia.

Honouring Ji essentially hit two birds in one shot in the sense that the club credited a deserving player and reinstated relations (revenues) from Asia. I am sceptical if people will still buy Manchester United merchandise with Park Ji Sung written on its back, but the club's fan base will certainly pick up after the Japanese Kagawa's departure. This may kinder a positive contribution to next year's Annual Report.

This strategic affair involves a deal which is a win-win for both the player (Park) and club (Manchester United). It is a pursuit to establish an advantage over big clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea who have not tapped the emerging Asian markets as heavily!

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