21 August 2014

Paul Scholes demands five 'experienced' signings

Paul Scholes has today spoken about his former club and seemingly erupted a volcano.
"In those years under Sir Alex Ferguson, when trophy followed trophy, this sort of mediocrity was unthinkable. But it is happening."
You probably heard the gossip about Paul Scholes' expected column in today's Independent newspaper (Click here for the link). We summarise his concerns below and comment on the probability of its occurrence - more to follow:

1) Paul Scholes thinks his former employer needs to sign 5 new experienced players in order to stand a chance to compete in the 2014-2015 Barclays Premier League.

2) Four of the five players he has recommended are present Real Madrid members. A possibility of such a transfer is HIGHLY unlikely. We wonder what was going through the Englishman's mind while he was drafting this article for the Independent)

3) TRDS ponders the possibility of such a massive transfer (the bill could easily exceed USD250M. This would not only pinch MUFC's revenues but might also disqualify from a potential Champions League Place after not adhering with the UEFA's Fair play policy.

4) Scholes doubts the clubs ambitions by reflecting on failure to sign the FIFA World Cup 2014 final star, Tony Kroos (now acquired by Real Madrid FC) and Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal rebel now bought by Chelsea FC).

5) FIVE: Wait for it... The five players who Paul Scholes thinks should feature for Manchester United are Sami Khedira, 'Angel' Di Maria, Xabi Alonso, Mats Hummels and Raphael Varane. TRDS doesn't expect Di Maria to open his wings and start producing trophies at Old Trafford overnight.

Such things do not usually happen overnight at this prestigious Manchester club.

One would wonder, what happened to the Marco Reus deal and why is he not on Paul Scholes' desired list? Another question Paul should answer is that WHY is he targeting Real Madrid players. Getting just the previous Manchester United no. 7 'Cristiano Ronaldo' back into the scene would be sufficient. His value should be far below at what he was sold to Real Madrid in 2009 realistically speaking.

Paul Scholes certainly has turned up the heat on the Manchester United family. It will be interesting to see how the world reacts! 
But one thing is for sure, Manchester United Football Club NEVER panics! Because we fight right till the referee (inc. the retired Howard Webb) blows his whistle.

TRDS demands a reason as to why Paul has made such a peculiar request to his former employer.

Here's how Paul Scholes XI looks like

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