29 June 2013

The curious case of Marouane Fellaini and why he deserves to play for ManUtd

Marouane may be an answer to United's recent midfield woes!

People are questioning the prospect of Fellaini’s transfer to Manchester United. 

This is because there is a strong concern that the young Belgian has no experience in Europe and also his makeshift striker role at his previous club, Everton. He's a Belgian international and it is a huge bonus that Belgium is one of the strongest young sides in Europe at the moment. So acquiring a player of Fellaini's ability is a great prospect.

Manchester United didn't have many problems in the attacking department last year. Talented players like Van Persie, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez created chances and scored some lively goals. However, United’s midfield trouble was exposed by teams like Real Madrid and Chelsea. This led to their dismal performance through the middle and rendered them unconvincing at times.

Fellaini compared with other midfielders*

Marouane Fellaini is exactly the sort of player Manchester United needs right now given his promising background. He may have zero experience in the Champions League, however his talent would be a good acquisition allowing him to nurture under Moyes.

As for Kagawa, he's not really a midfielder United needs as he's too lightweight to play upfront for the time being. It is OK when he's playing against the likes of Norwich and other relatively weak times but a more aggressive side can make him suffer. That is precisely why Fergie preferred playing him on the left flank. This made it a little difficult to mark him and gave him more freedom to use his undoubted dribbling ability.

Shinji Kagawa deserves some more time at United without a doubt. It’s all about adaptation for the young player and he can do it. Till the time Kagawa becomes a real threat in the midfield area, he may be played in different positions or even allowed to choose his own area of expertise. After all, that's not asking a player to perform out of position – it is utilising a player’s strengths for the benefit of the esteemed football club.

Having said all that, there is no reason why Fellaini’s acquisition will help Moyes and Manchester United to go on and win the 21st Premier league title. It would be nice to see him perform well with the likes of Michael Carrick, Anderson and Tom Cleverley.


* thanks to Opta.

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