08 January 2010

Wayne Rooney may be the Next United Captain once Gary Neville has retired

The Next United Captain?

Wayne Rooney, 24, is reportedly told to be the next captain of Manchester United once Neville retires at the end of this season.

Wayne Rooney has no experience as a captain at United. He has only featured once as a losing Captain against Brazil in a friendly International at Doha.

However, United manager Alex Ferguson, once said that he would prefer either a defender or a Midfielder as a United leader. It will be interesting to see how things shape up after Neville's exit from United.

Rooney has been a huge success since he was bought from Everton in 2002. He has scored whooping 112 goals (from all competitions) in his 261 named appearances. Of course nobody can beat that! But the question is: Will he be a successful captain at United?

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Glory Glory Man United and Happy New Year to all....
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